Commitment to care

Hotel guests can often notice environmental policy statements around hotel rooms. Usually there’s a notice nearby the bed and another in the bathroom. Sometimes they are hidden or missing. Or hidden in deep on their website.

In the very best of cases you can feel the care in the design for the whole property: the room arrangement, materials and technology used.

Walking the talk

But more important than policy booklet or paper, it’s the implementation of it. Environmental policy without real actions behind it is not bearing any fruit.

This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet.

Both hotels and their guests must come together and act as one. And help each other discovering the ways to make it happen. Some brands are offering incentives for hotel guests to save resources, for example:

  • Discount on room rates when not wanting printed newspapers
  • Dining credit or bonus points for skipping daily housekeeping services

And hotels themselves should also follow their commitment to care by keeping their promises: when towels are on the rack, they shouldn’t be replaced against the will of the guest (something I have often encountered across number of brands and properties). The same goes for re-adjusting every day AC to unreasonably cold 16 degrees C.

Luckily there are many good examples as well and soon we’d covering them. Perhaps you have a also story to tell from one of your trips? Write to us at how you have experienced environmental commitments in action.

We created Carbonific to find the businesses who walk their green talk, starting with hotels. Stay tuned for next updates what are our findings on this journey.

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